Cozy Canadian Campfires

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May 7th 2021 to June 1st 2021

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Cozy Canadian Campfires are Canadian made, reusable and portable recreational campfires. Made using 100% non toxic ingredients. They are a mini campfire that you can use anywhere! Perfect for gathering where you are and making memories.

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Cozy Canadian Campfires

What People Say About Cozy Canadian Campfires

Sent a few of these to co workers I had not seen in a while. Lets just say, it was well received. This really made their day, all of them.

Lori, Toronto, Ontario.

I really did not expect this to have such a ''campfire'' feel. My kids really loved it, they have been bored and not seeing friends. A backyard camp out, complete with a campfire really was a treat for them.

William, Toronto, Canada.

All that is missing is the lake and the hip. Add those and you have a perfect night.

Ross, Etobicoke, Ontario