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How To Use Cozy Canadian Campfires

A campfire can be a lot of fun but its always more fun when done safely! Please do ensure you read all material that has come with your Cozy Canadian Campfire prior to using, or follow the helpful steps below. To stay safe and have fun.  

1. Check surroundings to ensure it is safe to light the product. This product is for OUTDOOR use only. It should not be used indoors.

2. Place the product on a non-burnable sturdy surface, a trivet is suggested to place the product on. Keep product clear of match remains and other objects which may present a fire hazard. 

3. Use a lighter (torch bbq lighter works best) to light the exposed charcoal, hold flame over charcoal tip for 30 seconds, then move to the other pieces.

4. If the charcoal has any wax on it from a previous burn, simply scrape off the light lawyer of wax. We suggest using a knife or scissors for this task. The wax will easily wash off using soap and water.

5. The soy wax used in this product will go from a solid to a liquid and can become very hot. Do not move when lit to avoid any personal injury or burns. Wait until the tin has cooled and the wax has started to harden prior to moving. 

6. When ready to put out the Cozy Canadian Campfire, slide the top over the can to snuff out the fire, DO NOT use water to extinguish. We suggest not burning for longer than one hour at a time. Product can be re-lit and used 3 or 4 times, should you burn it a hour at a time! Discontinue use when 1 inch of wax remains. If using to roast marshmallows, please allow the product to burn for about 15-20 minutes prior to roasting.