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About Us

What happens when a candle maker by trade - Felicia,  meets a concert technician who specializes in lighting and pyrotechnics - Brent?  Who both share a love for the outdoors and the memories made gathered around a fire? Well, Cozy Canadian Campfires that's what! When Brent missed gathering around the campfire during the 2020 pandemic. Felicia thought that there had to be a way to bring the campfire to the city, or anywhere for that matter. Having an almost decade old handcrafted soy candle line called Citchen Candle Co. She had the skills, he had the vision. Together they created Cozy Canadian Campfires. A handcrafted in Canada, mini portable campfire. Made using 100% non toxic soy wax and food grade charcoal. Unlike a soy candle, the entire surface becomes the flame. Creating a mini campfire! That can be used almost anywhere and is in every way a mini version of the campfires, we all know and love! Complete with even a little bit of that cherished cracking sound. While we may not be able to travel to gather like we once did. We can gather where we are! Cozy Canadian Campfires make it easy to recapture those lost moments and create new ones. We are so pleased to offer this Canadian Made product, made by Canadians inspired by the many campfires from across Canada. We are Felicia and Brent of Cozy Canadian Campfires and we want to help you make warm and cozy memories! Thank you for supporting Canadian made goods and small businesses like ours. 
Felicia + Brent